Sarum St Michael
Educational Charity

Criteria for grant-making decisions

Decisions on the award of grants are taken by the Charity’s Governors, in accordance with the Charity’s object.  The object is the advancement of education in accordance with the principles and doctrines of the Church of England, in one or more of the following ways:

  1. the promotion of the education and training of persons who are, or intend to become teachers;
  2. research into and development of religious education;
  3. the support of chaplaincy services of students;
  4. the provision of educational materials and the promotion of educational events;
  5. making grants to persons in need of financial assistance to enable them to pursue their higher or
    further education;
  6. and in such ways as the Governors may from time to time determine.

In considering applications, the Governors:

  1. give due regard to the promotion of training and the support of leaders in the Christian nurture of children,
    young people and adults in the parishes of the Diocese of Salisbury;
  2. place weight upon evidence of a Christian commitment;
  3. look for a reasonable measure of self help;
  4. consider the degree of need indicated in the application;
  5. have regard to other potential sources of grant or income (e.g. from personal savings or grants from an
    employer, parish, diocese, other charities and trusts).

The Governors do not:

  1. normally contribute towards maintenance, unless an integral part of a residential course;
  2. make grants for buildings, fixtures or fittings;
  3. make retrospective grants;
  4. contribute to the general funds of any organisation.