Sarum St Michael
Educational Charity

Would-be RE teachers

Bursaries with Golden Handshakes for would-be teachers specialising in Religious Education

The Charity set up a new bursary scheme in 2012 open to sixth form students intending to become teachers specialising in Religious Education at primary or secondary level.  To be eligible for consideration, students will have

home addresses in the Diocese of Salisbury or an adjacent diocese.  The scheme is available only to those who have not yet begun their degree course, though the Charity may at its discretion extend some of its benefits to recipients of RE teaching bursaries under the Charity’s predecessor RE bursary scheme.

The first of the scheme’s two elements is support for the student while gaining the qualifications necessary to teach Religious Education as a specialism.  It consists of an award of:

The first annual award is payable when the student has been awarded a place at a higher-education institution. Each subsequent annual award is made subject to evidence that the student has made satisfactory progress in the academic year just concluded and has secured a place for the following year.

The scheme’s second element is a “golden handshake” of £3,000 for bursary recipients who have been awarded a PGCE (or equivalent), completed their Newly Qualified Teacher induction and:

Applications should be accompanied by a validated copy of the student’s reference from the school for the higher-education institution at which the degree will be taken, or by an equivalent letter of support from the person who prepared the reference.

The deadline for applications for the 2019/20 academic year is 9 June 2019.

Download application form